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The Akumbu & Associates Disputes Resolution Center (AADRC) provide comprehensive mediation, conflict resolution, and training services to the community.

What Is AADRC?

The Akumbu & Associates Disputes Resolution Center  (AADRC) is an alternative resolution center with extensive experience on mediation and Conflict coaching. The AADRC was founded by Akumbu Rebecca as an Alternative Disputes Resolution firm.

The Akumbu and Associates Disputes Resolution Center (AADRC) specialises in mediation and alternative dispute resolution . We are an independent non-profit organisation and we are very much committed to solving disputes amicably without necesserily using the courtroom. . Our aim is to provide society with skills and solutions for effective dialogue, and to bring about sustainable change.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of professional and affordable conflict resolution services that include:

Welcome to AADRC

Akumbu & Associates Disputes Resolution Center is an alternative Disputes Resolution firm. Most often, we turn to the courts to settle our disputes, but due to backlog, there is often delays and the attorney fees is usually expensive. Given the cost and waste of time, it is advised to use other means to settle disputes. The best resolutions to conflict are those that are achieved by the parties themselves. That is why Rebecca Akumbu, founder of AADRC in Los Angeles, California, approaches mediation with a facilitative, interest-based approach that puts parties in the driver’s seat.

“She brings the strengths and weaknesses of both parties’ cases to light While she will not offer her opinion on the conflict, she is proactive in helping clients reach an agreement by offering a generous dose of reality.”

Rebecca Akumbu,

Founder, CEO of AADRC

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Are you experiencing conflict? Our team of professional mediators, facilitators and trainers help individuals, community leaders and organizations work through challenges.  Our team can also create a custom communication and conflict resolution training that works for you. Let us craft a skills training that works for your organization in the time you have.

Cost of Mediation Services

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The Akumbu & Associates Resolution Center offers you an alternative way to solve disputes without necessarily going into the courtroom. In an ideal world, dispute resolution provides certainty in such a fashion that the issue in dispute is resolved and will not resurface again. Ideally, dispute resolution is complete, in that it covers the issue in dispute plus any directly related issues

Our Main Services

The Akumbu & Associates Dispute Resolution Center (AADRC) offers an affordable dispute coaching and mediation services for neighbourhood disputes, personal injury, real estate, health care disputes etc.

Personal InjuryMediation

We will assist clients involved in the following: Car accidents, Slip-and-fall accidents, Workplace accidents & Defective products.

Healthcare Mediation

Acts to seek fair & equitable solutions to patient/provider problems & for suggesting dispute resolution processes for managing conflicts & for policy & procedural changes.

Business Mediation

Akumbu, President of AADRC in Los Angeles, California, provides business and commercial mediation services, helping parties find mutually beneficial solutions to a wide variety of business-related conflicts.

Real Estate Mediation

We provide real estate mediation for conflicts related to a wide variety of real estate issues, including: Purchase agreements, Encroachment, Easements, Neighbor disputes, Inheritance of real estate

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